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—  I work as an independent consultant and director for digitally enhanced, physical environments often driven by highly interactive & responsive experiences. I bridge the translation gap for creative and technical roles and the people in them. I teach workshops in personal understanding with foundations in neuroscience, psychology and sociology, as well as Tao, Buddhism and Bhakti yoga principles. Oh, and I’ve developed a co-working space, a private room karaoke bar & gallery as well as a teahouse for meditation and self-discovery. Get in touch if you’d like to grab tea & start something together.

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Christopher Wood is an explorer originally from America’s hometown, Muncie, Indiana.

That’s also the home of Ball jars, David Letterman and Garfield the cat.

2000-2013 — Creative Director, Principal: Luckyfish Agency (Coke, Sprite, CNN, UPS)
2007-2009 — UX Director, Principal: Circles (Startup)
2013-2014 — Digital Media Designer/Animator: MAXMedia (AT&T Stores of the Future)
2014-2015 — Creative Director: Razorfish Emerging Experiences (awarded Audi Innovation Agency)

The theme which threads itself through all of Christopher’s work has been exploration. Beginning briefly in biology and genetics, moved to film, discovered interactive media, developed the psychology department’s first interactive, undergrad courseware… after college assisted on three patents for a software system for modular, custom furniture… started an ad agency which ran a decade doing design, branding and brand vision for folks like Coke & Sprite, CNN, Kids ii and the like… started studying a particular intersect of Neuroscience and Sociology… moved into a Creative meets tech role as a Creative Director role of Razorfish’s Emerging Experiences group which operated as part startup, part research group and part strategy and positioning arm for Razorfish’s clients like Audi, Porsche, Mercedes, AT&T, T-Mobile and the like. Most recently the biggest exploration has led him to develop in business, a co-work space which focuses on the individual’s well-being, a membership-based, private room karaoke bar in order to give visitors and members therapeutic release through vocalizing.


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